Olio Oliva Body Lotion – Dry Skin Moisturizer


for silky smooth skin .The olive tree is also known as “The Tree of Life” and represents youth and vitality. This top quality body lotion provides nourishment and intensive protection for dry and stressed skin using the pure power of olives.

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Product Description

Its precious ingredients, such as cold-pressed “extra virgin olive oil” and olive poly phenols protect the skin from environmental factors, excessive exposure to sunlight and guard against dry skin and the development of wrinkles, while essential oils of mandarin and orange refresh and revitalize.
With “Anti-Ageing” function.
1- In general, massage into the skin after each water application, such as shower, bath or sauna.
2- In order to support the circulation and lymph flows, always massage in the direction of the heart with circular movements.
200ml Dispenser