Exclusive Night Cream – Regenerating & Revitalizing Mature Skin

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Regenerates and revitalizes mature skin With a highly-active “Skin Repair Bio” complex that strengthens the tissue and repairs the skin’s barrier layer during the night. Precious plant oils such as argan and sea buckthorn oil have a cell-rejuvenating and intensively regenerating effect. A highly-effective beech bud extract smoothes wrinkles, stimulates cellular metabolism, repairs and revitalises. Intensive cell regeneration overnight.

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Product Description

Regenerates and revitalizes mature skin
Free from synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, silicones and PEGs. Meets the highest standards of natural cosmetics.
Active ingredients:
Beech bud extract – multifunctional, phytogenic, anti-ageing ingredient -inspired by Gemmotherapy this substance was developed from beech buds, which are a source of flavenoids, phytohormones, peptides, amino acids and vitamins.  The buds are harvested when the cellular tissue is particularly rich in phytohormones. A patented process allows gentle extraction so that the important ingredients are retained. Action: Smoothes wrinkles, moisturises the skin, boosts metabolism, regenerates and revitalises. ECOCERT certified quality.
Cotton thistle extract – active ingredient is EcoCert certified. Promotes optimal restructuring of dry and damaged skin. With age the skin loses its optimum barrier function and so it dries out and wrinkles appear. This extract repairs this barrier function. It stimulates the formation of new cells so that the damaged epidermal cells can be restored. This means that the skin is better able to protect itself from environmental attacks.
• 50 ml