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Beauty Cream Facial Set

SGD 130.00

Organic, chemical free, rejuvenates skin cell from inside out. Deeply moisturized skin living it soft, smooth right from the very first treatment. Skin feel looks more resilent in just 2 weeks. Herbs that are used for promoting and improving blood circulation. Approved whitening ingredient that that bring excellent effect.

Slimming Hot Cream

SGD 40.00

This amazing new cream has been formulated to give you the body you have always wanted. ARYA LAYA Slimming Hot Cream has been formulated using natural massage oil. Over the years, these ingredient s have been know to help dissolve local fatty deposits and tighten the skin in the affected area.

Virgin Coconut Oil

SGD 30.00

Organic virgin coconut oil (vco) is a cholesterol free, unrefined, and non-hydrogenated product unlike most other oils. This product is non fermented and no additives are used. Our VCO is made by cold pressing specially selected fresh, organic coconut kernels in hygienic surroundings at temperatures below 60 C.

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